A Biomedical/Electrical Engineer with a passion for:

Product Design, Data Analysis and Programming

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A Brief Background

An ambitious problem solver, currently pursuing a MS degree in Electrical Engineering, with a 3.8 GPA. Experience researching, designing, developing, testing, debugging and optimizing Electrical & Electronics Systems for medical and automotive use. Solid foundation in circuitry and schematic design. Adept in analyzing Data using statistical tools such as Excel, Python NumPy, R, and MATLAB. Familiar with Automotive Communications Physical layers such as CAN, LIN and FlexRay. Experience with wireless communication (Bluetooth and WiFi ) Actively searching for job opportunities in Software Development, Product Design and Data Analysis.

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My Skills Set

Programming Experience

Proficient in C++, Java, PHP/MySQL, JavaScript

Data Analysis

Experience in using statistical tools like MiniTab, Python, MatLab and Excel

Product Design

Considerable experience in using simulation tools like Matlab-Simulink, Siemens NX 7.5, AutoCad 2014, NI Multism, MatCad


Results oriented, Self-driven, Highly motivated, Methodical, Very presistent and proactive.

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Looking to hire a recent graduate with experience in Product Design, Research and Data Analysis ? or looking for someone to help you get started with building or maintaining your website ?